0.25g King Arms Platinum Series Seamless Airsoft 6MM White BBs - 4000rd Bag
$ 19.99
The all-new King Arms Platinum-Series of high precision competition-grade Airsoft 6mm BBs is one of the best BBs to come out of Taiwan thus far.  Long known for their line of ultra high-end Airsoft guns, King Arms has applied themselves to their simple goal:  offer high quality Taiwanese-manufactured BBs at an affordable cost.  In this, they have greatly succeeded.
We have secured a direct connection to carrying these high quality BBs, and thus can offer them to every Airsoft enthusiast at the lowest price on the market.  Eliminate barrel jam and increase POWER with these BBs - Made in Taiwan. 4,000 rounds come in a sealed bag.

  •     Platinum Series BBs
  •     High Precision BBs
  •     Increased Accuracy
  •     Perfect For High Power And High Speed Airsoft Guns
  •     King Arms Platinum Series 4000ct. .25g White BBs Airsoft Gun Accessory


  •     Caliber: 6mm
  •     Capacity: 4000 Rounds
  •     Weight: 0.25g
  •     Color: White
  •     Material: ABS Plastic