AK47B FPS-200 Electric Assault Rifle with P618 FPS-120 Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun Kit
$ 119.95 $ 159.95
The impressive list of features include a trough, lightweight ABS polymer body construct, an RIS rail hand guard allows red-dot sights, lasers, flashlights, grips, and more to be mounted to enhance the user's experience, an internal V3 Polymer Gearbox that delivers an average velocity of 200 FPS, along the addition of a P618 Airsoft pistol, a 700 BB grenade bottle, a red-dot laser, tactical flashlight! 

  •     ABS Polymer Body
  •     Heavyweight Full Stock
  •     Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  •     Tactical RIS Hand guard
  •     Red-Dot Laser Attachment Included
  •     50 Lumen Flashlight Attachment Included
  •     P618 Airsoft Pistol Included
  •     700 BB Grenade Bottle Included

  •     UK Arms AK47B FPS-200 Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle
  •     FPS-120 P618 Airsoft Spring Pistol
  •     700 BB Grenade Bottle
  •     350 Round Magazine
  •     Red-Dot Laser
  •     50 Lumen Flashlight
  •     Rifle Sling
  •     Safety Shooting Glasses
  •     Cleaning Rod
  •     7.2V Battery
  •     Wall Charger

  •     Color: Black
  •     Build Material: ABS Polymer
  •     Rifle FPS: 200
  •     Pistol FPS: 120
  •     350 Round Magazine
  •     34.50 Inches Overall in Length

  •     Battery: 7.2V AA700mAh NiCd Rechargeable Battery (Included)