Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Jericho 941 CO2 Airsoft Gun 493 FPS

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Licensed and Trademarked Baby Desert Eagle, C02 Airsoft gun by Magnum Research, Inc. This beauty is proudly produced by Cybergun, one of the leaders, if not the number 1 leader of the Licensing Dept. in the Airsoft Industry. This is a non-blow back co2 Airsoft gun that will shoot 493 FPS using a .12g 6mm bb. We strongly recommend using a .20 seamless or heavier bb in any C02 or metal gear box gun and rifle. Using both an inferior and light bb may cause permanent damage to your gun. Using a .20 this will shoot @ 382 FPS. Anyone familiar with the Baby Desert Eagle will tell you the same thing. It’s smooth, feels great to hold and super-fast. With a hard ABS body, the Magazine, trigger and barrel are all made of metal. This with many Cybergun products comes with its patented BAX shooting system, to ensure enhanced distance and greater accuracy well known throughout the industry.

  • Brand New Baby Desert Eagle non Blow-back Airsoft Gun
  • Licensed and Trademarked by Magnum Research Inc.
  • Produced by Cybergun
  • Brand New Gen 2 Version Magazine to prevent C02 leaks
  • Power    C02
  • FPS      493 ( using a 6mm .12g bb )
  • FPS      382 ( using a 6mm .20 seamless bb recommended)
  • Energy   1.35 Joule
  • Length   8.07 Inches
  • Weight   Empty 1.5 Lbs
  • Weight   Loaded with C02 and bb’s app. 1.25 LBS
  • Range    44 Yards
  • Body     ABS
  • Magazine, Inner Barrel and Trigger (Metal)
  • Magazine capacity 15 Rounds
  • Ambidextrous Safety Levers
  • Cyberguns Patented BAX Shooting System  
  • Sample 50 pcs .20 BB’s  



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