Money is King Bloody Reign Knuckle Buckle

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This buckle is a part of the all knew and improved Heavy Duty Buckle Knuckles & Paperweight, which has a beautiful color coating over it. This novelty knuckle buckle features a standard design with the word KING on the end of the knuckles. Screw in the buckle pin and transform this knuckle into a buckle. The unique ergonomic design makes this knuckle paperweight the most comfortable you will ever have.


  • Length: Approximately 4.25 Inches
  • Width: Approximately 2.75 Inches
  • Holes: 1.15 inch x 1 inch (23.84 mm)
  • Material: Solid Steel, Polished
  • Features: Large Finger Holes, Buckle Pin
  • Color: Silver Color
  • Large Finger Holes
  • Buckle Pin



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