Viper Satin Finish 9mm Blank Firing Revolver 3 Inch Barrel

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The Viper blank firing police revolver is a replica of the popular detective special. This revolver is sleek and reliable, with a checkered brown composite grip that makes it comfortable to hold and handle. It has a six-shot cylinder that swings out, allowing it to be loaded with 6 9mm (.380 cal.) blank cartridges. It fires in both single and double action, which means if you like, you can cock the hammer back yourself before you pull the trigger, or you can just let the double action take care of that on its own. The blank firing revolver is approximately 7.9 inches long and the barrel is 3 inches. Highly collectible, the Viper is made from high quality zinc alloy metals.

  • Modeled After a Modern Revolver
  • Satin Finish
  • Features a Swing-Out Cylinder that Loads 6 Blanks
  • Loads (6) 9mm Blank Cartridges
  • Fires both Single Action and Double Action
  • Length: 7.9" (3" barrel)
  • Width: 1.42"
  • Weight: 1.65 Lbs
  • Caliber: 9mm (.380)



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